TIS X-17

Traffic Radio Broadcasting Network

TIS X-17 OnAir

Construct accurate OnAir traffic reports in seconds.

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TIS X-17 OnAir helps you to organize your work when it’s at peak traffic time. Accidents, warnings, animal hazards, traffic jams, public transport… Have your own traffic information quickly at your website, incorporate it into your website or mobile web/app.

Our goal here at TrafficRadio.eu is that you will have the easiest and the best tools to work with when you do your reports about the traffic conditions in your area.

Your audience is intrested in what's happening in the traffic even before they are on the road or at the public transport.

TIS X-17 OnAir takes less than 10 minutes to learn.

Use our standardized workflow with the TIS X-17 OnAir and broadcast an excellent OnAir traffic report within seconds.

TIS X-17 consists of 3 parts.
1. "X-17 OnAir" is for the traffic reporter
2. "X-17 LOOK" is for the showhost and other persons at your facilities.
3. "X-17 Traffic" is for the audience to be updated with your traffic information. Mobile friendly or you can incorprate it into your own website.

tis x-17

Take a look at a video how it works.

It's all at the web so you can work wherever you are and collaborate with your collegues. It works even with older webbrowsers. We have tested the system for a while in real conditions in Gothenburg, Sweden. It's much faster and easier than other more expensive systems. TIS X-17 OnAir is built for the traffic reporter. We do not have geopositioning with the traffic cases and no maps in this version, but we are working on that and it will be in the next generation of TIS X-17 OnAir (without any extra costs of course).

Through the years we have updated the system very slowly just to have a safe and working plattform. Today (2018) we are in version 1.15 but we are planning for version 2.0.

We have created the easiest to use and the most inexpensive traffic information system in the world... ;)

It takes less than 10 minutes to learn.

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We have DEMO versions in English, German and Swedish if you do want to test it before you decide. Questions?
Call us weekdays (CET) +46 31 145145 or email tis@trafficradio.eu

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